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The Gush Katif Committee

The Kisufim Center

Following the expulsion, and the subsequent dispersion in hotels and caravillas, many Gush Katif women felt the need to empower themselves and spiritually enrich their lives. With their houses destroyed, their children needing them to stay strong, and the future more unknown and uncertain than ever before, they sought new tools to help them cope. Thus, the Kisufim Center was founded in Nitzan under the auspices of Friends of Gush Katif (AKA The Gush Katif Committee). This center, affiliated with Gush Katif, has grown and currently attracts an audience of 200 women from all over southern Israel – Ashkelon, Kiriat Gat, Be'er Sheva, etc. It remains such a vital part of the women's lives that even during Operation Protective Edge, these women braved the rockets to attend the lectures and soak up the special atmosphere of the place.

Project’s cost Dedicate a day's Torah learning in honor of a loved one for $100.00
Cover the costs of one class for $350.00
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